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OCTA/ KASKO insurance

Buy OCTA and/ or KASKO insurance directly from our Porsche Centre Riga and you will receive an individual offer, excellent customer service, on-call consultations and an extra discount for a service visit.

Extended Warranty

Drive without worrying up to 15 years or up to 200’000 km. Extended warranty for used Porsche is the same as a new car warranty. Enjoy your Porsche and put all the unnecessary worries on our shoulders.

Financial or operational lease

Porsche Financial Services offers support in financing your purchase, whether it be full purchase financing or lease. Purchase financing with 0% down payment and no mileage limitation, or a lease with flexible down payment, mileage and other terms – we will find the most suitable solution for your situation.

Flexible conditions to suit your situation!

Questions about available types of financing, downpayment, lease term or monthly payment, mileage limitations, guarantee or insurance, availability of financing for you or your company – we are here to answer them and provide you support in buying your new Porsche.

Leasing calculator

Here you can calculate the approximate monthly payment for your desired Porsche model by indicating preferred leasing type (i.e. financial or operating), down payment amount and lease term. The displayed monthly payment is informative but if you want to know the precise amount to be paid each month, please complete this form and book a consultation with our specialist.

Our Finance Consultants

Artūrs Kuzmins

Finance & Insurance Services Manager

+371 25 411 911

Book a Finance Consultation

If you want to know more about financing options for your new Porsche, incl. available types of financing, interest rates, terms and conditions, etc. or want to know more about insurance, then please make a request for consultation with one of our financial specialists by completing the online form below. It will take just a few minutes to complete and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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