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With Porsche E-Performance, we are taking a step towards mobility of the future by bringing Porsche electric vehicles together with a sophisticated charging infrastructure.

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Everyday life with Taycan.

What can everyday life be like in an all-electric Taycan? Get an idea with these sample routes.

Daily commute: Saulkrasti - Riga - Jelgava - Bauska - Saulkrasti

The Taycan is ideal for daily commuting. Trips between cities, such as Saulkrasti – Riga – Jelgava – Bauska – Saulkrasti, can be made safely and without worrying about charging. Depending on the battery type, the battery capacity allows a combined cycle of 371 km – 505 km*. Recharge when you get home and get back on the road the next day.

Weekends: Riga - Liepaja - Riga

The Taycan is also ideal for long journeys within Latvia and/or neighbouring countries. For example, the distance Riga – Liepaja and back can be covered with a quick charge during a coffee break. All you have to do is plug in the Taycan’s high-power charging cable for 20 minutes. You no longer have to worry about fuel prices and trips to the petrol station.

Holidays: Riga - Pärnu - Tallinn

Even longer trips to neighbouring countries in a Taycan are comfortable and convenient. The base Taycan is equipped with a high-performance battery that delivers up to 444 km on the combined cycle, so you can drive from Riga to Tallinn without a charge, provided the battery is 100% charged when you leave.

Vacation: Riga - Kaunas - Vilnius

Want to go to Kaunas or Vilnius on vacation? Not a problem with Taycan. The base Taycan is equipped with a high-performance battery that delivers up to 444 km on the combined cycle, so you can drive from Riga to Kaunas and then to Vilnius with just one 20-minute charging break in between.


Depending on the measurement method, there are different specifications for the range of an electric car. As a buyer, it is difficult for you to estimate how far you can really go. This map shows the approximate range you can drive from the capital of Latvia without a charging break, provided that optimal driving conditions exist. The calculation is based on the range of the Taycan with a standard Performance Battery.

Map of charging stations.

The Porsche charging map shows the available charging stations along your route. This allows you to plan charging stops based on the distance your car is travelling.

Charging all-electric models.

As the driver of a Porsche Taycan, you can benefit from a range of intelligent charging solutions both at home and when travelling to the places you love to visit. Ultra-rapid charge points along major motorways ensure you can travel far and wide in your all-electric Porsche – without compromise.

Charging electric vehicles

Charging plug-in hybrid models.

As the driver of a Porsche plug-in hybrid model, you can benefit from a range of intelligent charging solutions both at home and on the road. Porsche plug-in hybrid models are charged using alternating current (AC) and these charge points can be located in thousands of public accessible locations, as well as installed at a domestic property.

Charging plug-in hybrids

Become part of an ever-growing global network.

Porsche Destination Charging is a global charging network with an ever-growing scope of partners. Together, we offer drivers of fully electric Porsche sports cars and plug-in hybrids convenient charging options at exclusive destinations such as hotels, restaurants, golf clubs and marinas.

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Sustainability is more accessible than ever.

Currently, the price of electric cars is becoming more and more attractive, and in Latvia, state support is available for the purchase of such cars. More and more manufacturers, including us – Electric Porsche, also offer sports cars that are electric cars, hybrid cars, or hydrogen cars.

Our Porsche electric car and hybrid car prices are tailored to different customer preferences and budgets. Every Porsche purchase is a sustainable investment that matches our exceptional quality and the options we provide.

Questions and answers.

Key information on e-mobility.

Where can I charge my Porsche?

You can conveniently charge your Porsche in a variety of everyday situations and locations: at home, on the road and at your destination.

For home charging, there are various Porsche chargers available. You can find out which charging solution is best for your needs by using the Porsche Charging Pre-Check at: For more information, please contact your Porsche Centre.

Depending on the country, the Porsche Charging Service offers an overview of charging options on the road and at destinations. With the Porsche Charging Service, you get single access to public charging points and receive your charging invoices centrally from the Porsche Charging Service. The service includes charging points on motorways, in cities and at Porsche partners. In certain destinations, such as luxury hotels, you have access to Porsche Destination Charging, which allows you to charge your car for free at your destination.

Do I always need to fully charge my Porsche?

No, the Porsche high-voltage battery doesn’t always need to be fully charged. Partial charging of the Porsche battery does not cause a loss of capacity (“memory effect”) and does not reduce the lifetime of the high-voltage battery.

In addition, the charging rate decreases as the charge level of the high-voltage battery increases. You can therefore save time by only charging the battery to around 80% or until the required range is reached.

In addition, the battery is conserved if it is discharged only to 20% and slowly recharged to 80%.

What does the range of my Porsche depend on?

A range is a result of various factors such as driving style, use of comfort features, aerodynamics and road conditions. The most important factor is your driving style: a driving style that includes awareness of your surroundings and planning ahead in good time has a positive effect on the recovery of braking energy and thus increases the distance travelled. You can also reduce the power of comfort features such as air conditioning and heating and, if you need to install any outdoor accessories (e.g. a roof box), choose those that are as aerodynamic as possible.

What should I look out for when travelling to another country?

Charging standards and requirements may differ in other countries, which may restrict the use of charging equipment abroad. To find out if your charging equipment is suitable for the country you are travelling to and if you need additional equipment, refer to your Porsche Owner’s Manual and/or consult your Porsche Center.


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