The “911” is the only car you could drive on an African safari or at Le Mans, to the theater or through New York City traffic. This is how this model was once described by Ferry Porsche, the son of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche, who ran the company after his father’s death.

Indeed, there are very few automobiles in the world as legendary as the “Porsche 911”. Sportscar enthusiasts all over the world instantly fell in love with it, and it also stood the test of time, becoming one of the most famous sportscars of all time. The “911” of already the eight generation has been in production since 2019.

The world first saw this novelty in 1963 at the Frankfurt International Auto Motor Show. Although the exhibit displayed there was just a mockup, the absence of the engine did not prevent experts from appreciating the unique design whose distinct features included round headlights, sleek outline of the body and a sloping rear.

Originally, the “911” was known as the “901”, with just 82 vehicles of this model manufactured. Soon, however, the model was renamed to the “911” as the French carmaker “Peugeot” claimed ownership on all car names with a zero in the middle.

On November 9, or 911, the date is symbolically associated with one of the most legendary “Porsche” models, the “911”, that is why “Porsche” Latvija is introducing celebrities whose garages have been permanently housing automobiles of this particular model.


A special auto for the “Matrix” star

 Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is known as a collector of automobiles and motorcycles. Perhaps, Reeves’ affection for the “Porsche 911” has its roots in his childhood when a tiny “Porsche 911 Turbo” toy car, gifted by his grandmother, used to be one of this favorite toys.

When he grew up and became popular, he got an opportunity to buy a real “Porsche 911 Carrera 4S”, but it was stolen from him while the actor was busy working on a new film. Reeves again chose a “911 Carrera 4S” as his next car, but this time he wanted the car to be customized for his needs.

Porsche, therefore, created a “911 Carrera 4S” with a manual transmission and a 3.6 liter engine, with black anodized interior panels.  Reeves nicknamed his auto “The Sled”, because it was so sleek and fast. By the way, in 2010 he was captured on a photo transporting his Christmas tree on the roof of his “Porsche 911 Carrera 4S”.


The actor who became a motor racer at the age of 38

 Patrick Dempsey rose to popularity by playing neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd in the medical drama TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”, but for the past 18 years he has been seriously focusing on his other passion – motor racing. Besides, for several years, Dempsey has been representing the “Porsche” team at the prestigious 24 Hours Les Mans.

The actor is also known as a prominent collector of “Porsche” automobiles. The collection he has been putting together for years is considered to be one of the most impressive auto collections in the world.

Dempsey’s first “Porsche” was a “Porsche 356 Speedster” made in 1963, which he regards as his most valuable property. He bought it at the age of 21 for the first large salary he earned for a role in the film “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

And, while love indeed cannot be bough for money, it is still possible to buy beautiful German sportscars, which Dempsey continued to do. The actor and motor racer currently owns multiple “911” models: “Targa”, “Turbo”, “GT3 RS”. There is also a “Porsche 911 SC”, made in 1982, in his garage as well.


Beckham drives a replica of Steve McQueen’s auto

The English football star and former captain of the English national team owns a “Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible” which he has been often seen driving through streets of London. Beckham bought this beauty made in 1969 in 2013 for £ 70 000 (around € 80,300).

This vehicle is a replica of an auto once owned by Beckham’s idol, Hollywood legend Steve McQueen. The original auto featured in the 1971 film “Le Mans”. The auto was later put up for auction and sold for € 950,000. This, however, is not the only “Porsche” car in Beckhams collection – he also has a custom-tailored “Porsche 911 Turbo” in his garage.


Bill Gates’ “Porsche” collection started with a “911 Turbo”

“Microsoft” co-founder Bill Gates’ fascination with automobiles of the “Porsche” brand started back in 1979 when he bought a “Porsche 911 Turbo”. Although the businessman and philanthropist does not appear to be one of the motorists bent on violating the traffic code, in his youth he liked driving fast and collected quite a few speeding tickets. Over the years, Gates has added several “Porsche” models to his collection, including a “Porsche 964 Convertible”.

The most famous vehicle in his garage is the rare “Porsche 959” – just 337 autos of this model have been manufactured from 1986 to 1993. At that time, it was the fastest auto in the world, and Gates badly wanted it in his collection. At that time, it was nearly impossible to get it because the United States had banned importing automobiles from foreign countries without serious examination, including crash tests in which vehicles are tested for impact resistance.

Eventually, the billionaire together with other avid car collectors managed to get the car import law changed so that they could finally acquire the coveted vehicle. This also paved the way for other motor rarities from Europe and Japan being imported to the United States.


The girl who drove with “Porsche” to school

 Actress Kristen Stewart who earned an “Oscar” nomination for playing Princess Diana, used to drive a “Porsche 911 Carrera T” through streets of her native Los Angeles. Notably, her appearance in a “Porsche” commercial in 1999 was one of her first acting roles.

Kristen was only nine at that time and she played a girl who intentionally misses the school bus so her dad has to take her to school in a “Porsche 911 Carrera”. It seems that already then little Kristen dreamt of buying such a car for herself when she grows up, which she did. The actress is known to own “Porsches” of several other models, including a “Cayenne”.

Despite the vast range of motor vehicles available on the market, these celebrity stories show that after all these years they still appreciate the unique design, technical and driving qualities of the “Porsche 911”. Interestingly, this auto is used both at motor races and for day-to-day driving. It has also been appreciated by many motorists all over the world – the millionth jubilee “911” was made in May 2017. It is now on display at the “Porsche Museum” in Stuttgart, Germany.


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